Questions To Ask When Choosing An Accountant In West Auckland

Questions To Ask When Choosing An Accountant In West Auckland


You might be wondering if you need to hire an account in West Auckland. The short answer is “Yes”. Whether navigating personal finances or running a small business, hiring a professional is always a clever idea.

They are experts in their field and can advise on setting up the most efficient structures for accurate record-keeping to ensure that when the time comes, you have proper financial data available for reporting purposes and for the submission of returns.

Here are some questions to ask your prospective accountant in West Auckland:

What Type Of Clients Do You Work With?

For your individual or small business needs, scout around for an accountant that has knowledge, expertise and experience in these areas. Some accounting firms focus exclusively on corporate finances and will possibly not be geared to give you the personal attention that you deserve.

How Do Your Fees Work?

Ask for a clear explanation of how the fees are structured. You will be looking for an accountant that offers a cost-effective and high-quality service. Request a full breakdown of all rates, including the small charges like postage, photocopying and so on.

What Range Of Services Do You Offer?

The account that you hire should offer a full range of services, including general accounting services, help with GST returns, PAYE services, reporting, forecasting, tax support and planning, helping prepare and submit IR3 returns, providing business, risk management and tax advice.

Besides Your Qualifications, What Qualities Do You Have That Would Make Me Want To Work With You?

You must seek out an accountant that demonstrates a desire to help you grow and improve through their commitment to your success, either in your personal or business capacity. You should be looking for someone that is meticulous and is prepared to pay attention to the smallest details. They must be able to communicate timeously and clearly through channels that suit.

For an accountant in West Auckland that has all the right answers to your questions, contact Stuart Snow today. We provide a professional and personal service that will save you time and money.