Do Freelancers Need an Accountant?

Do Freelancers Need an Accountant?

Freelancing can seem ideal to many! You are not tied down to one workplace or one boss, and you can pick and choose projects as you like them. While this sense of freedom is definitely admirable, freelancers can experience a lot of financial stress.There is a common misconception that freelancers handle all of their admin, taxes, and accounting on their own. But in fact, a freelancer’s life can be very busy, and just like any other person, they are not skilled and experienced in every field.

As an experienced accountant in Glendale, it is definitely recommended that freelancers look into hiring an accountant, and here’s why!

As A Freelancer, Your Income May Come From Different Sources

As a freelancer, your income and expenditure are often quite different to that of a registered employee or a typical business owner. At the end of each month, it may be difficult to sort out all of your finances and know what qualifies as tax deductions, and this is where an accountant really comes in handy.

Saves You Time

With a personal accountant, you have peace of mind that all your taxes and accounting are being handled as they should. This frees up all-important time for you to focus on your clients and give them the best service that you possibly can. When you are trying to handle your own accounting, you may find that you are putting hours into it, which is simply not worth it.

Help Grow Your Business

If you have never worked with an accountant before, you may be under the impression that they just crunch the numbers, and that is that. But because these people are well-educated and experienced, they can offer very valuable advice regarding your financial decisions. This may, in turn, help you to expand your business!

Keep You Out of Trouble

There are very strict laws that govern freelancers and freelancer tax in New Zealand. But if you are not aware of the requirements, you may not be compliant and not even know it! An accountant will keep you out of trouble by ensuring that you are compliant and meet all of the relevant standards.

Are you looking for an experienced and trustworthy accountant in Glendale? If you want a personal, and effective service, get in touch with Stuart Snow today. Start enjoying all the benefits that having an accountant has to offer!